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Create tiny chart in excel’s cell by using Sparklines

Posted by Navi's on December 18, 2014

New feature is available in Excel 2010 which is called Sparklines. A sparkline is a tiny chart in a worksheet cell that provides a visual representation of selected data. It is similar to chart but it shows the tiny chart in a cell.

The best use of tiny chart in row wise graph where you have values in multiple columns. Below is the example of tiny chart –

Tiny Chart Example

Fig. 1- Tiny Chart Example

Here data variance can be shown in tiny chart. To create this type of row wise chart below are the steps to be followed –

  1. Open Excel with column wise data as shown in Fig.1
  2. Go to Toolbar Insert option
  3. Select Line option chart from Sparklines section as shown in Fig.2. You can choose different type of charts from this section. I selected Line chart.
  4. Next Choose the Data Range column wise and Location Range where tiny chart would be display.
  5. Your chart is rendered now !!

That’s it !!



Fig. 2- Sparklines


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