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Directly call on IVR

Posted by Navi's on June 23, 2010

Most of the time we call the customer care or other number those uses the IVR i.e. Interactive voice response system.

If we need to call directly on IVR number without waiting we can do this easily using “p” i.e. pause. For example, suppose your Customer care number is

12345678 and you need to go to by press 1 than 2 and than 4.

You can reach directly to 4 using this trick. You just need to to like this

12345678p1p2p4” it will take you to directly on 4.

By pressing * button 3 times in Nokia mobile you can get that “p” i.e. pause. And other mobile you have to hold the * key till you get the “p” on screen.


2 Responses to “Directly call on IVR”

  1. ebookie said


    Nice written article. Everything is clear and understandable. I will frequently looked at your blog and I hope that such articles will be here more….

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