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Funny statments used in IT :)

Posted by Navi's on May 25, 2010

Some funny statements used during Development and Testing in IT

1) Query Mari (i.e. executed Query)
2) Fat Gaya (i.e. Getting error/exception)
3) Condition me nahi Ghusa (i.e. Condition not satisfied)
4) Application Tapak gayi (i.e. Application Crashed)
5) Naya Build Mara (i.e. New Version Release)
6) Balli laga di (i.e. temporary solution)
7) Utha ke Chipka de (i.e. Copy Paste)

If you found more you can comment it… 🙂


One Response to “Funny statments used in IT :)”

  1. dinesh p said

    few other statements are :-

    \ naya build mara..(new version release)
    \ page phat gaya…(page level error)
    \ nai chipki lagana..(maintain existing code)


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