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Find any text in Sql server Database

Posted by Navi's on February 10, 2010

Most of the time we faced a situation where we have to find a particular “text” in whole database.
So, this is not a big deal
we can find any “text” in Database using below SQL..

Declare @text varchar(100)

set @text='%your search string%'

SELECT     sys.sysobjects.*,, sys.syscomments.text, sys.sysobjects.xtype
FROM         sys.sysobjects INNER JOIN
                      sys.syscomments ON =
WHERE sys.syscomments.text like @text

This will find “text” in all type of objects Stored procedure, functions, Views etc..

if you want to find the “text” in particular type of objects than you have to use [xtype=’P’ i.e. for Stored Procedure] in where clause like this

WHERE sys.syscomments.text like @text and xtype='P'

These are the type of objects codes which is used in sysobjects:

U – User table
D – Default constraint
P – Stored procedure
V – View
TR – Trigger
TF – Table Function (which returns as table)
FN – Function

either you can use above sql or create Stored Procedure.

Or  just use this:

Search for SQL in your databases with Red Gate SQL Search



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